The Need for Advanced Prevention Defense

CISOs continuously invest in new types of threat protection and additional security layers, yet cyber criminals still manage to get past defenses. Meanwhile, security teams must deal with added technology complexity and operational overhead on top of any breach damage control. Something needs to change. This report by ESG defines new standards for Advanced Prevention Defense technology and evaluates Morphisec's moving target defense against those criteria. 

Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention can help improve security efficacy, while streamlining security operations by reducing security alert volumes and freeing up staff to focus on more pressing strategic initiatives.”

- Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst
and ESG Fellow

Criteria for Advanced Prevention Defense

Advanced Prevention tools use new types of technologies to reduce the attack surface and increase the ability to block exploits and malware from penetrating networks and compromising systems. Defining characteristics include: 

  • Give the advantage back to defenders
  • Offer high efficacy without added complexity or business disruption
  • Fit into an enterprise security architecture
  • Reduce security alerts/alarms
  • Decrease the burden on cybersecurity staff

The ESG whitepaper found Morphisec’s solution excelled at all key criteria. Read the full report to find out more.