2021 Education Cybersecurity Threat Index

Now is the time for both K-12 schools and higher-ed institutions to address their cybersecurity defenses.

Only 17% of Superintendents Understand the Urgency of the Ransomware Crisis

The shift to virtual and hybrid classrooms is fueling a cybersecurity crisis among school districts across the nation. The rate at which cyber attackers are infiltrating schools is historic. As districts and institutions attempt to give their students the learning experiences they enjoyed pre-pandemic, their ability to protect their vital infrastructure is paramount.

As Morphisec continues to assist K-12 and higher education institutions with improving cyber defenses against advanced threats, we commissioned the second annual Education Cybersecurity Threat Index.  

In this report you will learn:

  • How the increased risk of cyberattacks amidst the shift to distance learning has impacted educators.
  • The importance of cybersecurity resources in todays institutions.
  • How reliance on third-party vendors can leave educators especially vulnerable to attacks.

With ransomware increasingly targeting the education sector, the costs of falling victim to an attack are too hefty to ignore. 

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