Support agility and speed time to breach recovery

Apply adaptive and proactive cybersecurity strategies to counter advancing threats

Complex attack techniques are bypassing standard detection and response technology, but many of the popular techniques used by attackers aren’t new. Rather attackers, always seeking the fastest path to access, are iterating on classic methods like vulnerability exploitation for initial breach entry. Once network access is achieved, attackers can initiate dangerous and undetectable attacks like ransomware.  

A current state of omni-present risk means that security leaders must shift from a reactionary mindset to a preventative one. An adaptive cyber resiliency strategy can mitigate the danger of cybersecurity complacency, helping leaders and their teams speed breach event response, contain breach damages and return to business as usual faster. 

This white paper: 

  • Explores the changing threat landscape and top-of-mind use cases
  • Introduces adaptive cyber resiliency strategy and how adaptive exposure management can support it
  • Provides a technical overview of Morphisec’s pioneering Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology, its application, capabilities and performative cyber resiliency outcomes