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Beta Program

Morphisec Beta Program

About The Morphisec Beta Program

Morphisec advanced protection features are made possible by rigorous research and testing which includes a pre-release (beta) for all new protection mechanisms. 

Morphisec’s beta features grant your organization immediate access to the latest, cutting-edge attack surface reduction and protection features before they are released to production. 

Beta features are released in alert-only (not protecting) mode. Please note that while all beta features are alert-only, these alerts often contain critical information.

In order to make sure you don’t miss out on the important value of our beta features, please keep in mind that:
  • You should set your notifications to include “threat-only” alerts so that relevant stakeholders receive notifications about these events.
  • Additionally, you can find the threat trajectory, forensic details, and logs for beta feature events under Threats in the Morphisec Security Center.
  • If you wish to mark beta feature events or any threat for further review, you can use the “Mark Threats for Review” feature and return to the event later for further investigation.  
Information about how to use all these features is available in the latest Morphisec UTP User Guide

How to Configure Beta Settings

Beta features are turned on in alert-only (not protecting) mode.

Note: when these features are moved to production, they will be in prevent mode and on or off, according to your beta settings.

Your beta feature settings can be updated at any time in the Morphisec Security Center under Plans, per plan.

In order to update your preference, select the relevant plan, scroll down to “Beta features,” and toggle beta features on or off.

To see more information about the beta features currently running, hover over the “?” helper text to the right (see below).

How to Give Feedback

We welcome your feedback about beta features at product@morphisec.com.