Cybersecurity Tech Investment Planning

Using Annual Loss Expectancy to Build a Business Case

Learn more about Annualized Loss Expectancy

As a cybersecurity leader, you operate in a reality where resources and budgets are always constrained. You may find that now, in addition to justifying the security benefits of new technologies, you’re also expected to create a business case that demonstrates a positive ROI on the investments.   

Annual loss expectancy (ALE), also known as Annualized Loss Expectancy, an actuarial tool, is a standard component in risk assessment exercises, and it is increasingly finding importance in cybersecurity investment decision-making.  

This white paper will help you:   

  • Understand how an enriched ALE calculation can quantify your organization’s risk in the event of a breach by taking risk tolerance and your risk profile into account. 
  • Develop a business case to demonstrate whether the cost of a proposed tech investment presents a positive value against a calculated reduction in risk. 
  • Learn how ALE can support the prioritization of budgetary resources.