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Dancing with Lucifer: Behind the Scenes with the Analyst that Cracked Chae$ 4

In January 2023, and throughout April and June, Morphisec identified an alarming trend where numerous clients, primarily within the financial and logistics sectors, faced an onslaught of attacks due to a new and advanced variant of the Chaes malware.  

This isn't an ordinary Chaes variant. It has undergone major overhauls: the variant had been rewritten entirely in Python, used an enhanced communication protocol, and boasted a suite of new modules that expanded its malicious capabilities.  

Morphisec published an extensive research paper on the new variant, naming it "Chae$ 4" (Chae$4) with the threat actor(s) identified as "Lucifer."

Morphisec’s discovery sent reverberations through the cybersecurity landscape, covered in SC Media, Bleeping Computer, The Hacker News and The CyberWire 

Watch this on-demand 45-minute session where you'll hear exclusive details about the threat, including: 

  • The history, anatomy, iterations, design and intent of the Chae$4 malware  
  • Inside perspectives, processes and tricks used by Morphisec’s analysts to crack the threat  
  • Uncovering and preventing Chae$4 using Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD)  


1hidoHido Cohen | Cybersecurity Researcher

Oren_Square Oren T. Dvoskin | Product Marketing Director Moderator