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Cyber Security Comes with a Price Tag

How much money can cyber security save your organization? The ultimate answer to this question is “it depends.”

It depends on how much a cyber attack would have cost your organization, which in turn depends on which system was attacked, what data was leaked, who was affected, and most importantly, how quickly the attack was brought under control.

Every cyber attack – whether targeted or non-targeted – costs the attacked organization dearly. In this ebook we describe those costs, and how a majority of the expenses can be avoided.

What you will learn:

Investments in your organization’s security should stand up to the same scrutiny as all your business goals. This ebook shows how to calculate the implicit ROI of your organization’s cyber security initiatives.

Who should read this e-book:

  • CFOs
  • CISOs/CSOs
  • CTOs
  • Directors of IT/Security