Download Our Education Cybersecurity Threat Index

Balancing Teaching, Tech and Security in New Normal for K-12 & Higher Ed

Learn How to Safely Implement Distance or Hybrid Learning Programs

COVID-19 has had significant cybersecurity implications for almost every industry globally, and education is certainly no exception. Under immense pressure to rapidly adapt to remote learning environments while depending on third-party technology tools like Zoom, educators are scrambling to safely implement online teaching plans at scale for the fall.

To assist K-12 and higher education institutions with improving cyber defenses against advanced threats, we commissioned this Education Cybersecurity Threat Index to explore how the increasing risk of cyberattacks amidst the shift to distance learning has impacted educators in this new normal.

Download the Threat Index to learn:

  • What cyber attacks have been prevalent in education pre and mid-COVID;
  • How educators are currently balancing teaching, technology and security in this environment;
  • Why ransomware is the number one threat to K-12 and higher ed institutions;
  • How to begin patching these vulnerabilities as you enter the school year.