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Gartner® Report: Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Security

  • Gartner identifies the most impactful emerging technologies driving innovation in the security market.
  • Moving Target Defense cited as key technology for improving security - Memory, Network, Applications and Operating systems.

Gartner Emerging Technologies - Moving Target Defense 1

Worldwide investment in cybersecurity will reach $316B by 2025 (Statista), while cybercrime damage rises to $10.5T (Cybercrime Magazine), dwarfing this cybersecurity investment. Clearly, today’s security solutions are failing to protect organizations from ransomware and other types of advanced attacks. Read this Gartner research to learn about the most impactful emerging technologies and trends that are predicted to address this rise in cybercrime.

One of the technologies cited in Gartner’s Impact Radar is Moving Target Defense, defined as follows:

  • “Moving Target Defense is a technology trend whereby dynamic or static permutations, morphing, transformations or obfuscations are used to thwart attacker exploitation techniques.” Gartner

According to Gartner, “Assume an expert thief is able to pick the lock to any door. The goal of Moving Target Defense (MTD) is not to build a better lock. Instead, the goal of an MTD security strategy is to make the door and the door’s lock difficult or impossible for the thief to find. The attack vector is thwarted by constantly moving the door and door lock from one place to another so the thief cannot study the layout and make a plan of attack against a static target.”

  • “Attacker exploitation techniques rely on predictability of vulnerabilities in software, systems, system services or applications when executing attacks.” Moving Target Defense prevents unknown and zero-day attacks by using system polymorphism to hide application and operating system targets from adversaries in an unpredictable manner leading to a dramatically reduced attack surface and lower security operational costs.


What do companies have to say about the power of Morphisec’s Moving Target Defense Technology to stop attacks?

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