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You can’t control

what you don’t see.

Make your Microsoft Defender AV enterprise-class with Morphisec Guard Lite for free

Turn Microsoft Defender AV into an Enterprise-Grade Solution for Free



Control your endpoints

With Windows Defender, security settings can be inadvertently changed by users, creating vulnerabilities unbeknownst to you, the administrator. Prevent this by setting your own security baseline and locking down settings.


Keep your footprint small

A small agent that installs within minutes and has no measurable impact on performance or business applications


Audit and report

Determine which endpoints are secured with Defender antivirus and get audit reports for your company for attestation to show that the proper controls are in place.


Control your Windows deployment

Morphisec Guard Lite provides a single point for command and control for Desktop Security. Do more with less and gain control without leaving your home office or desk.


Harden your infrastructure

Quickly determine where security vulnerabilities exist and tighten security controls and visibility to immediately reduce risk


Manage your policies

Ensure that your company-defined security policies and standards are successfully implemented. For example, automatically ensure that firewall and disk encryption are enabled for every endpoint and not disabled.

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Morphisec has been a longstanding partner with Microsoft to prevent breaches. Now we're bringing visibility and control to Microsoft Defender for everyone, for free.

Gain full visibility and control over your Microsoft Defender Antivirus using Morphisec Guard Lite. The result? Visibility, centralized access and control of all endpoints within minutes to leverage and harden your native security infrastructure with little to no disruption and no additional costs.

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