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Get Morphisec Prevention Free for 30 Days

Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform | Free For Your Organization

Keep Remote Employee Endpoints Secure on Us

The COVID-19 outbreak has shifted the way the world works, forcing companies into having a fully remote workforce faster than anyone could have predicted. This creates a raft of questions for IT and security teams to answer -- and fast!

That's why we're offering free Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform licensing for your work-from-home employees for 30 days. 

With the Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform, you'll get:

  • Immediate installation. No reboot, configuration or tuning required
  • Zero-touch maintenance with no CPU memory overhead to home computers or VDI
  • Business continuity that automatically locks down of evasive threats and zero-days
  • Instant hardening of remote endpoints and VDI instances to stop fileless attacks, evasive malware, zero days, and in-memory exploits in their tracks
  • Protection offline without relying on heavy signature updates, tuning or analysis
  • Integration with Windows Defender AV through our partnership with Microsoft for bulletproof Windows 10 security
  • Full offline protection without requiring connectivity or patch updates
  • Prevention of browser-based attacks to ensure remote employees can securely access the SaaS solutions they need

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