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Download Our Government and Election Cybersecurity Threat Index

Protecting the Long-Term Health of Our Democracy

Learn the Challenges Facing State and Local Government Officials in the Upcoming Election

The entire country is on high alert for cyberattacks in light of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. State-sponsored attackers determined to spread disinformation, disrupt voting systems, or disable critical infrastructures are a particular worry. 

In an effort to make the magnitude of these threats clearer than ever, we commissioned this Government and Election Cybersecurity Threat Index to explore how government employees perceive the cyber threats facing this and future elections.

Download the Threat Index to learn:

  • What cyber attacks and other challenges may jeopardize the integrity of the election;
  • What is needed to better protect local voting infrastructure;
  • How COVID further complicates the security of the election process.

Download the Threat Index