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Protecting Hedge Funds with Automated Moving Target Defense – The future of Cyber

Hedge funds are one of the highest value targets for threat actors. The result? A significant risk of trading systems being disrupted, highly sensitive data compromised, and/or increased operational costs due to ransomware, data theft or other advanced attacks. Unfortunately, detection-based security solutions are unable to stop these attacks, resulting in a 30% or greater gap in companies attack surface.

Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), a proven technology championed by Gartner and trusted by over 7,000 companies, offers the next step in the evolution of endpoint security to close this gap. AMTD fortifies NGAV/EPP and EDR/XDR systems to stop the most advanced and undetectable attacks, yet has a negligible performance impact, is fully compatible with financial trading systems, requires no extra staff, and reduces false positives by up to 95%.

Watch this Hedge Fund specific AMTD demonstration on-demand to learn:  

  • The 30% cybersecurity gap that exists in current NGAV/EPP and EDR/XDR solutions
  • How AMTD safeguards confidential business and financial data while ensuring operational continuity of business-critical systems including trading platforms

Learn what Gartner has to say about AMTD, read their complimentary new report: Tech Innovators in Automated Moving Target Defense.


Daren Nowlan-fotor-2023080792116Daren Nowlan | Sr. Sales Engineer & Cyber Security Architect

Oren_SquareOren Dvoskin | Product Marketing Director