Microsoft and Morphisec: How to Prevent and Expose Unknown Threats

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Unknown threats exist in enterprise environments that are both predictable to the adversary and opaque to the defender. This is because the adversary can study their target to develop new techniques, then execute them undetected. History has shown that successful attacks rely on these adversarial advantages to bypass traditional defenses.

Join our experts to learn how to leverage a combination of complete endpoint visibility from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Moving Target Defense from Morphisec to deprive the adversary of their advantages so you can expose and prevent unknown threats.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • How threat actors leverage unknown techniques to achieve their goals without detection
  • The implications of defending predictable environments with limited visibility
  • How Morphisec and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deprive the adversary of the ability to act invisibly in a predictable environment
  • A roadmap to enable your company to prevent and expose unknown threats


  • Netta Schmeidler, VP Product Management at Morphisec

  • Efrat Kliger, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft