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Dynamic Threat Intelligence Provided Through Moving Target Defense

SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit

Ransomware attacks are escalating, occurring every eleven seconds with ransoms averaging almost $2M and remediation costs exceeding $4M. To combat these attacks, security professionals rely on threat intelligence feeds from a variety of sources. This information is often combined with a threat intelligence platform (TIP) or similar solution to correlate and analyze the latest information, evaluate security defenses and strategies, and prioritize actions to mitigate risks. Unfortunately, most intelligence feeds provide static Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that are no longer adequate against today’s sophisticated attacks. A new technology has emerged called Moving Target Defense (MTD) that provides enriched dynamic threat intelligence to improve your ability to prevent ransomware attacks before they cause severe damage. By attending watching this webcast, you will learn:

  • How static analysis and typical hash, domain, and URL intelligence is now far less relevant
  • Why static IOC feeds fail to provide analysts with actionable intel against tailored moving target attacks
  • Why dynamic runtime threat feeds are required to determine which applications to scan and when
  • What is MTD and how it generates byte patterns that provide dynamic threat intelligence to prevent ransomware attacks