The IT world is still shaking from the news that most modern processors have severe architecture flaws. Meltdown and Spectre make it possible for attackers to gain access to user mode and kernel memory data to leak crypto-keys, passwords, memory structures like loaded module addresses and other valuable information. But does the threat stop at information leakage or are we facing a much bigger threat?

This webinar with cybersecurity expert and Morphisec CTO Michael Gorelik cuts through the noise surrounding the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities and answers live questions, such as: 

  • How are branch prediction and speculative execution used by CPUs
  • What are the real risks and how likely will hackers use Meltdown and Spectre for exploitation without user consent
  • How can you protect yourself; what patches are rolled out and how to check that your antivirus isn’t colliding with the patch
  • What is the impact post applying the patch; is there any CPU performance degradation
  • How does Morphisec Endpoint Threat protection cope with Meltdown & Spectre