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What Are You Currently Paying for Your AV?

Seriously, Tell Us. We’ll Guarantee 20% Savings for Full Endpoint Protection when Switching to Morphisec Guard.

Better Protection with Immediate Cost Savings

"Next gen” antivirus platforms based on predictive modeling have failed to protect organizations, while simultaneously creating unnecessary complexity and saturating overworked IT teams with meaningless alerts -- leading to a breaking point. The time is now to make a meaningful change.

That’s where we come in.

Morphisec Guard is end-to-end protection in a single lightweight offering, including world-class antivirus, together with advanced protection against zero-days, fileless attacks, exploits, and evasive malware. Morphisec Guard does this at a lower total cost of ownership than the detection-centric next-generation vendors. 

Of course, price savings is only part of the story. We also help reduce TCO by simplifying operations, streamlining deployment, and minimizing performance overhead.

Morphisec Guard allows you to achieve best in class endpoint protection for a guaranteed 20% less than your existing AV with this special offer.

With Morphisec Guard, You’ll Get:

  • Proactive prevention that automatically locks down evasive threats and zero-days;
  • Complete coverage of file-based and fileless attacks with a single agent and dashboard;
  • Immediate installation. No reboot, configuration or tuning required;
  • Cloud delivery and centralized management;
  • Zero-touch maintenance with no CPU memory overhead to home computers or VDI;
  • Instant hardening of any application against in-memory exploits, even those that don’t yet exist;
  • Protection offline without relying on heavy signature updates, tuning or analysis;
  • Native security controls with enterprise-grade visibility;
  • Prevention of browser-based attacks to ensure remote employees can securely access the SaaS solutions they need.

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