Maximize Your Windows Security Stack

Ransomware Doesn't Stand a Chance

Simplify Breach Prevention with Morphisec + Microsoft

 Microsoft Windows has one of the best endpoint protection solutions built right into the operating system: Defender AV. 


This free endpoint security tool blocks known attacks, leverages behavioral prevention, and protects organizations against cyberthreats as well as -- or better than -- leading third-party platforms. 

Using Microsoft Defender AV paired with Morphisec Guard, organizations can get market-leading protection against known and unknown attacks for 30 percent less than the leading third-party tool.

Download the whitepaper to learn how:

  • Morphisec Guard and Defender AV combine to protect critical systems against known and unknown threats
  • Microsoft's investment in Defender AV makes it among the best endpoint protection solutions on the market
  • Breach prevention is made easy when deploying Microsoft and Morphisec together
  • Ransomware doesn't stand a chance against the power of Morphisec and Microsoft