The recent “Petya” outbreak may be over but its widespread destruction leaves questions for many security teams:

  • How could a variant of a well-known, previously detected malware like Petya spread so far, so quickly?
  • What are in-memory attacks?  
  • How can we protect our business?

Get answers to these questions and more in the webinar "Petya": The Tip of a Cyber Iceberg

This 40 minute webinar covers:

  • “Petya” – A Fact Check
    • Ransomware, wiper or state-sponsored attack?
    • What made “Petya” so effective?
    • “Petya” – Exception or the new rule? How the threat landscape has changed.
  • Lessons Learned
  • How to Prevent “Petya” and Other Advanced Attacks with Moving Target Defense
  • LIVE TECHNICAL DIVE by Alon Groisman, Solution Architect at Morphisec
    • The attack in action with a look at how "Petya" uses Eternal Blue/Double Pulsar
    • Live demo on how Moving Target Defense prevents “Petya” in different scenarios.  
  • Closing Q&A