SANS 2022 Ransomware Defense Report

Current Ransomware Trends and Alerts for 2022

The years 2020 and 2021 were undoubtedly the years of ransomware.

In the ongoing waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing remote workforce, and widespread adoption of new technologies, adversaries had no shortage of opportunities. These changes were coupled with a flurry of critical, widespread vulnerabilities and large-scale supply chain compromises that left many organizations at risk to ransomware attacks. 

The basic concept of ransomware remains the same: Encrypt data and demand money for decryption. If you’ve been through a ransomware incident, however, you know it’s just not that simple. It seems like things have gotten worse, especially when we realize that adversaries do their homework and know their targets well.

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  • Current adversary trends and operational tactics 
  • A case study of ransomware defenses
  • New and emerging technologies, like Moving Target Defense. 

Although ransomware is not a new threat, adversaries will continue to change their techniques to maximize their chance for success and evade detection. 

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