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Ransomware and the Supply Chain: A New Paradigm for Attackers and Defenders

SANS ransomware supply chain

Supply-chain attacks have grown exponentially in number and sophistication recently. Ransomware groups have leveraged this trend, using the less protected entry path and an easy distribution mechanism to reach a large number of potential victims. 

Morphisec Chief Product Officer Hudi Zack spoke at the 2022 SANS Cyber Solutions Fest about ransomware and the supply chain.

This presentation covers:

  • Different types of ransomware supply chain attacks 
  • Why common tools and procedures fail to mitigate this threat
  • An innovative approach to addressing this challenge
  • How Moving Target Defense technology can protect against supply chain attacks 


Hudi Headshot

Chief Product Officer Hudi Zack is an experienced technical, business, and management specialist. Hudi joins Morphisec from the Israel National Cyber Directorate, where he served as Chief Executive Director of the Technology Unit. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cytegic, Senior Vice President and Head of Cyber for Verint, COO at Metalink, President of Product Business Unit at Amdocs, and more. He holds an an MSc in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University, and a BSc in mathematics and physics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.