Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers many advantages but it is not attack proof and highly advanced cyber attacks present an ever growing threat. IT and Security teams need to rethink the fabric, the costs and the risks inherent within virtual environments.

For a detailed look at VDI security, including a live demo of Morphisec, check out this replay of a webinar we held in partnership with Citrix on March 21, 2018. While it gives some information specific to Citrix environments, the majority can be applied to all VDI setups.

Specially architected threat prevention technology is critical. Morphisec's Moving Target Defense provides a seamless layer of advanced threat protection that preserves optimized VDI performance and takes almost no IT time. It supports VDI environments such as Citrix, VMware Horizon View and MS VDI.

This 60 minute webinar covers:

  • Best practices for protecting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments
  • How an endpoint protection solution can deliver value around business continuity to the IT and Operational teams without impacting machine or environment performance
  • A rationale to look at advanced threat prevention technology specifically architected to function at-scale in the cloud or on-premises
  • A live demo of how virtual environments are protected by Morphisec