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Introducing Morphisec Guard 5.0

Better Security Without Compromise

Light on the Agent, Powerful Against Cyber Threats

Morphisec Guard was created to contrast the status quo endpoint solutions that have a high cost per endpoint, high cost to operate, bloated agents, a growing number of ineffective modules, and (most importantly) do not protect against the most damaging cyber attacks.

Morphisec Guard is a lightweight agent that stops both known as well as advanced attacks that often evade the leading NGAV and EDR tools. In summary, we enable any business - not just the ones with the biggest cybersecurity budgets - to prevent the most dangerous cyber attacks.

In this Webinar you will See:

  • Morphisec Guard’s consolidated dashboard for details on attacks prevented by Microsoft Defender as well as our patented moving target defense technology;
  • How Morphisec Guard brings enterprise-level control and visibility to Windows native security controls such as Microsoft Defender (antivirus), BitLocker (drive encryption), windows firewall, and device control;
  • Details on other product enhancements such as automatic protection of network drives/folder, protection for remotely launched processes, protecting against new vulnerabilities like ZeroLogon, improved anti-tampering reporting & more;
  • How Morphisec Guard can offer better breach protection while reducing the cost of your endpoint stack.

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